Innovation Hub

Introducing Redeemer’s new Innovation Hub

A contemporary agile learning and makerspace facility for students

The future reimagined at Redeemer

The first major building to commence construction under Redeemer’s new Master Plan will be the Innovation Hub to be located at the rear of the College, adjacent to the Hospitality training precinct and restaurant.

Designed by leading architectural firm, Bickerton Masters, the Innovation Hub is due to commence construction in 2021, and scheduled for opening by 2023.

It will be a landmark building for the College creating a contemporary multi-purpose space that houses a range of agile learning rooms for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). A key feature of the design will be creative Makerspaces (places for students to work together to create and display, particularly with a technology focus).

The College’s vision is “to become an education hub for the whole community. This will include genuine partnerships with parents, industry and community to provide real world learning experiences for our students. Our built spaces will reflect current industry standard work environments as well as university-style flexible learning spaces. The aim is to support our students through their learning journey, while helping them develop the key competencies and skills which will be desirable for work, recreational and service life, beyond the school gate.”

Conceived by Redeemer in response to the Alice Springs Declaration in 2019* the student-centred learning space draws from considerable research, consultation and educational planning over the last 3 years to make Redeemer a leading provider of future-focused education.

The facility seeks to provide a centre for student community collaboration; that fosters a sense of curiosity, creativity and authentic investigation, innovation, enterprise and problem-solving across the STEAM learning areas.

Education by Design
The two storey building will incorporate a range of spaces designed to put the focus on student-centred learning (as opposed to teachers at the front of a classroom) with open-planned spaces for:

  • Creative Makerspaces
  • Visual Arts with studios
  • Technologies (Fibre and Textiles)
  • Technologies (Digital)
  • Technologies (Food laboratories)
  • Technologies (Design & Technology CAD room)
  • Science laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology
  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Arts – Media (Film & TV Studio with green screen and editing facilities)
  • Lecture studio
  • Resource rooms and common study spaces

There will be ample foyers and gathering spaces as well as amenities. Disability access will be available to all areas.

To make way for the new construction, current buildings will need to be removed and seven temporary class spaces will be on-site until construction is completed. As part of the construction phase, there will also be appropriate infrastructure to ensure safety of students and staff at all times.

Innovative Features

  1. Spaces are designed to be student-focused and discipline-based, similar to best practice in University and Industry
  2. By housing Business, Digital Technology, Design Technology, Science, Textiles, Visual Art and Media and more in a single location, opportunities for mixed aged groups of students and teachers to work across areas are maximised. This means students have access to a much larger range of resources and expertise when working on projects, rather than being limited to the artificial constructs of a department e.g. Students will be able to access Business, Textiles and Visual Art as part of a multi-disciplinary social enterprise project. Specialist facilities serve individual subjects but also function as a smorgasbord for individual projects.

Redeemer Building Fund
Opportunities for philanthropic partnerships and donations for the Innovation Hub are welcome. Announcements will be made later in 2021 as to specific opportunities however if you are interested in starting a conversation on involvement, we would welcome your enquiry on 07 3340 8807.

Further information
If you would like further information on the Innovation Hub please contact our Head of Admissions and Marketing, Nikki McKenzie on 07 3340 8807.

*The Alice Springs Declaration 2019 recognises that young people need access to an education that:

  • Goal 1: promotes a culture of excellence in all learning environments, by providing varied, challenging, and stimulating learning experiences and opportunities that enable all learners to explore and build on their individual abilities, interests, and experiences
  • Goal 2: supports all young Australians to become confident and creative individuals, successful lifelong learners and active and informed members of the community.
  • Commitments include a senior secondary education that equips young people with the skills, knowledge, values and capabilities to succeed in employment, personal and civic life.

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