"Little Women" 2021 College Musical

From the nervous energy of Opening Night to the joyous final bows on Closing Night, the cast, crew and orchestra of "Little Women" were truly astonishing.

Very few know what goes in to producing a piece of theatre on this scale, but one thing is for sure, the 100+ students have learnt so much about the workings of a real theatre, the processes, the discipline and the team work required to bring individual talents together in one extraordinary piece.

The production team of teachers could not be prouder of how the students conducted themselves, on stage and off. Their performances moved the audience to laughter and tears, the musicians tackled the challenging score with expertise, the crew were magnanimous in executing scene changes, lighting cues and costume changes to support the telling of this classic tale.

A huge thank you to all of the parent volunteers who also brought their talents to the production whether that was sewing, painting or assembling the set.

While there is some sadness about closing "Little Women", we are energized and excited about the future of performing arts at Redeemer.

I would like to finish by quoting an audience member from the general public who wrote:

"The professionalism and attention to detail just blew me away. From the orchestra, to the cast members, to the stage set and lighting. Everything was just perfect. And the costumes! Simply beautiful dresses. You must be so proud of them all. It portrayed the story beautifully and I even had a tear at times as the whole production just swept you up in emotion. Thank you so much for bringing this production to us."

- Mrs Kelly Redhead-Adelt, Head of Creative Arts

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